Engagement, transparency and benefit-sharing with local communities are critical pillars of Neoen’s operations.

Community Benefits

During construction, up to 230 jobs are expected to be required by the peak of the 18-month construction phase. This phase will also create a large knock-on positive effect on the local accommodation and service sectors.

The Power Hub will also provide ongoing employment for a small, permanent local team dedicated to activities such as maintenance and vegetation and pest management.

If you have skills that may be useful during the design, construction or operation of the solar farm, please email us at with your contact details and a brief description of the services and skills you can provide.

Community Consultation

Neoen strives to ensure a “no surprises” dynamic with the communities around Bulgana, and make sure that a long-term relationship is built between the project team and all project stakeholders. Relationship-building is especially critical to Neoen because unlike some renewable developers, it retains ownership of all projects that it builds, and operates them throughout their lifespans.

The objectives of Neoen’s community engagement strategy are:

  • To keep the community and stakeholders informed about the project through the provision of factual project information;
  • To identify and address community and stakeholder concerns and maintain transparency in the project design and implementation;
  • To identify opportunities for local business involvement in the implementation of the project; and
  • To provide feedback on how stakeholder and community input will influence the final project and decision.

Neoen considers community consultation to be essential at all stages of a project’s life cycle, and invites all members of the community to click on the following link to complete a community feedback form.

The Neoen Grievance Policy can be found here

Community Fund

Neoen Australia has established the Bulgana Green Power Hub (BGPH) Community Fund to provide financial support to community groups for projects that benefit and strengthen Northern Grampians and the surrounding region. Projects that align with one of Neoen’s community growth focus areas will be able to apply for funding.

Community growth focus areas

  1. Environmental sustainability – inspiring participation, development and uptake of new technologies and ideas
  2. Health and wellbeing – contributing to improved health and wellbeing outcomes in regional communities
  3. Strong connected communities – encouraging community participation, involvement and connection
  4. Sport and recreation – encouraging participation in sport and recreational activities
  5. Arts and culture – fostering creativity and connection in the community through art and culture
  6. Skills, education and training – addressing local skills development and adding value to educational opportunities

Community Advisory Panel 

A Community Advisory Panel (CAP), convened by Neoen Australia, will oversee the Community Fund. Up to six community members, one local government representative and a Neoen representative will meet twice yearly to ensure funds are distributed in a fair and transparent manner to projects that meet the funding eligibility criteria.

Expressions of Interest open now.

Download the BGPH Community Fund CAP Terms of Reference and Application form here.